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martes, 13 de abril de 2010

Finally, reduce inches to your waist with Lebasi.

Healthy eating it doesn´t mean "dieting" diets rarely last long and prosper.

If you want to get a healthy weight you have to develop a healthy plan for life, not only a think of a strategy for short -term weight loss and avoid falling into the traps of diets and products that promise you to lose many pounds in a short time.
Health professionals recommends you start with a plan and set realistic goals, and indicate that losing 1 lb to 2 lb of weight per week is a safe and sustainable way to lose weight and avoid weight bouncing up and down.

Lebasi has calcium; studies in overweight and obese adults, found that those who had adequate calcium consumption improved their body weight , lost more fat and reduced their waist circumference.

Studies show that achieving and maintaining a healthy weight can add years to your life and help prevent weight related complications, including diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

Lebasi helps to stabilize blood glucose levels by slowing the absorption of glucose into the bloodstream.This is turn reduces hunger by lowering insulin levels and making it easier for the body to burn fat.

miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

Lebasi & Cardiovascular Disease.

In recent years, studies have linked a highfat diet to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD).Because CVD is linked to a numbers of factors, including increased age, genetics, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, and alcohol intake, quality of dietary fat must be taken into consideration.
Years ago heart disease was the leading cause of death in United States for men and women. With the average life expectancy rising each year, it becomes increasingly important to adopt a nutritious diet and regular exercise program to help maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.Lebasi should be part of that nutritious diet.

Lebasi reduces hypertension.
Reseach has shown that Lebasi help in the battle against hypertension. Lebasi assisted reducing the blood pressuare of borderline hypertensitive individuals.
Elevated cholesterol is another factor associated with heart disease. Lebasi has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels.

miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

Therapeutic Applications of Lebasi

Lebasi have been researched extensively in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Glutathione simulation is thought to be the primary immune-modulating mechanism. In a review of Lebasi in the treatment of cancer.

A recent in vitro study by Kent et al demonstraded that Whey Protein (Lebasi), when compared to a casein-based protein, increased glutathione synthesis and protected human prostate cells against oxidant-induce ceel death.

The aminoacids precursors to glutathione available in Lebasi might:
  1. Increase glutathione concetration in relevant tissues.

  2. Stimulate immunity .
  3. Detoxify potential carcinogens.

Fighting Cancer with Lebasi.

miércoles, 17 de marzo de 2010

¿If I'm lactose intolerant should I avoid Lebasi?

Individuals with lactose intolerance should select a pure whey protein isolate, which has less than 0.1 gram of lactose per tablespoon (20 grams). This is less lactose than the amount found in a cup of yogurt and research has shown that most people with lactose intolerance have no trouble taking this very small amount of lactose.

lunes, 15 de marzo de 2010

¿ Is Lebasi easy to digest?

Lebasi is a soluble, very easy to digest protein. It quickly enters the body to provide the important essential amino acids needed to nourish muscles and other body tissues.
This is one of the reasons it is a common ingredient in infant formula and protein supplements for medical use.

domingo, 14 de marzo de 2010

¿What´s contains Lebasi?

Lebasi contains:

  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Amino acids

¿Why does the body needs Lebasi?

The Essential Amino Acids however, must be obtained through the daily diet.

Protein has a number of important roles in the body, including:

1. Repair of body cells

2. Build and repair muscles and bones

3. Provide a source of energy

4. Regulate many important metabolic processes in the body

5.- Detoxification

6.- Bowel cleansing

¿What are amino acids?